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Torio,Veraguas, PanamÁ - Beachfront

1. Only 4 hours from Panama City, the town of Torio offers a nice balance between the calm and quiet of country living near the ocean, without feeling isolated. With lots of tourists already going to Azuero in the Veraguas Province,

2. Torio Beach won’t stay a secret forever. For now, it’s not hard to find few Europeans or North Americans around the area, so prices for houses have remained strong.

3. This southern area of the province of Veraguas in the Azuero Peninsula is far greener; it has thankfully been deforested a lot less and has more green rolling hills towards the sea coast, a truly enchanting landscape. In many ways it reminds one of Hawaii, with emerald ridges plunging down to the sea.

4. Torio Beach is one of several fishing villages on this side of the peninsula with stunning westerly views, long, full of coconut trees lovely beaches and fantastic sunsets. Isla Gobernadora and Isla Cebaco feel so close you could touch them, sport fishing is also quite good, this rich area has several fishing tournaments in the year.

5. Several roads are planned which should change the accessibility in the near future. This side of the Azuero Peninsula has limited access from the Eastern side, but great access from Santiago, the capital of Veraguas and the Interamerican Highway.

6. Torio Beach area has the long, pristine beaches that are becoming increasingly difficult to find in Panama…or anywhere else. This region has so many steep hills near the beach; intrepid investors have a good shot of finding an ocean view at a very reasonable price.

Directions: Enter through the streets to Atalaya, 5 km before Santiago coming from Panama. Just before the village there is a entrance on the right marked with several signs. Torio is about 60 km from the entrance to Atalaya on the Interamerican Highway, just after the bridge over the river Sapotal. Most of the paved road is in perfect condition, except the section between Mariato and Malena (approximately 10 km), but still You can go in a sedan. This road goes all the way to the southern part of Veraguas, to Azuero, passing (in that order) by Mariato (Queen's beach), Malena, Torio, Morrillo, and Arenas Quebro up colliding with Cerro Hoya. After Mariato the highway goes along the coast and sometimes you can see the beach from the road. The buses to Torio leave the terminal of Santiago quite often, there are six buses between 9.15 am and 5.00 pm and the fare cost $3.75.

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